Pet Body Care Grooming

We proudly present the perfect combination duo that simply never gives us a dry, flat look, but gives a proper blossom with high quality results in every grooming session.

With the Breeder Care™ grooming theory and our special, uniquely formulated products, we will simply turn all our Breeder Care™ fans into experienced groomers and step beyond the newbie period.

We need something that is very reliable, trustworthy, and proven during the first experience of our fan's grooming session of their little furry kids.

We believe that all these beloved kids are more than just pets for us. So, we are very selective in every ingredient and technique. We would like to dedicate our knowledge and passion to our Breeder Care™ fans worldwide. Our goal is to develop the Breeder Care™ line as a choice rather than being one more hope or another product to try for our fans. From our standpoint, we are here to serve our fans and to protect all little furry kids of our fans around the world in order to interpret our love into something tangible.

Give your little furry kids cleanliness and safety with our 360 degree care, and awaken your groomer instinct to prove to the world how meaningful they are in your life.

Please make sure that you always use our carefully researched Shampoo & Treatment Conditioner together for the balance of your little furry kids. We do not recommend mixing the products with others. We have designed them with our unique formula for an exact result, so mixing with other products or diluting with water can change the results.



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