Masterpiece Recognition

First of all, I have to say congratulation to my lovely niece "Dear Putri",
She is the daughter of my beloved brother Ferdy and sister Yulis. Many of you may not believe that this little lovely girl had been with me on the Masterpiece Challenging Class for developed the SBKR's Junior (Cat Lover's Club in Indonesia) - which I was the exclusive member there.

I had discussed to my brother Cacang Effendi that I would like to created something special for our club and for the worldwide recognition on the goodwill in creating the new young blood human resources. We had a final decission, that I picked "Putri" from a couple of list numbers.

It is bit funny when we need to communicate with the hand language and mobile dictionary app since she was not speak english much, while I was totally cannot speak Indonesian as well. So the only choice I had is.... using "Google Translate" at this class I challenge my own theory as well since I requested to my belived brother Ferdy and sister Yulis that "I don't want both of them to stay near by for please go and do some other work and leave both of us alone and... It is ok to have helpers with us, but not both of them."

As I want only talk with Putri and build up her confident and etc. without her parents near by for about 1 hour during my private class for her. And all the thing went great and we must say we only use just the things we could find in house and the workshop is starting with "NO EXCUSES"

After couple of hours pass by, That's it.... we spent about 3 hours even we were shortage on the limited resources and limited communnication, but the project move on with no excused because we have enough on Human Resources for the Goodwill Teacher and Passion Student and that is enough for our today Masterpiece Class and I belives this will be in all our hearts forever.

Because after those class along with her passion and support of her parents, Breeder Care™, SBKR, SBKR-Junior, Cacang, Ferdy, Yulis, and I totally made it worth its as.... She could be one of the youngest generation age of 9 years old (those time) and from now on our family children can simply help their parents taking care of their own furry kids at home with Breeder Care™ during the parents need to work outside and our children at home can help us taking care of those furry kids more or less at some points.

That's The Proven Statement Of "Everyone Can Groom", Even My 9 Years Old Niece!!!!

And you have done a great job my dear niece, and I also have my personal assistant in grooming there after all must thank you my brother Cacang Effendi that sharing the same many life philosophies, visions, pure heart and together created the World Recognition on our Hobby.

And all of these are a little story of my lovely niece "Putri", Love is all around....

Paphunkkorn Kulsopakorn

C.E.O. & Founder
Breeder Care Co., Ltd.
Breeder Care, LLC.

P.S. Special Thanks to all of the SBKR's Team.



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