Our goal is to stand up and take care of all of the furry kids worldwide and serve all our BREEDER-CARE™ fans with all our best efforts since we share the same heart as furry kids lovers.

We believe that all the knowledge that we provide our fans here will definitely enhance our fan's pet grooming experience. Our BREEDER-CARE™ will quickly improve any grooming session once you learn and understand this revoluted grooming theory. 

We want to reduce the gap between the grooming skill of every new pet lover or newbie by leaving all the grooming to us. All our fans will have more time for caring and developing the bloodline development.  

Our dream is to equal the playing field in future pet shows by bridging the gap between expert groomers and newbie groomers, thus making the real game about bloodline development. 

The full range of grooming product is an exclusive blend under the BREEDER-CARE™ Theory that balance the formulas according to the core concept of balancing swing rate. Each individual item has been exclusively developed until it is in the top spot of the "Pyramid-Shape Screening" before receiving another double adjustment to the balance spot of each other step. The prerequisite of each conditioned state is extremely advised to follow before improvising all the usage yourself after that.

And no doubt that our C.E.O. & Founder's words in advising all the fans are such a miracle; simply follow the advice, and you will definitely create your own turning point and improve your grooming skill at the end of the day with the  BREEDER-CARE™ Brand Product.

Everyone at the BREEDER-CARE™ is expecting something beyond in every grooming session on those little furry kids.



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