Grooming is an art rather than a duty of works. There are many aspects that we have to learn and notice with our highest passion of love and care for our beloved furry kids. The BREEDER-CARE™ Solution is a proven experience to handle the grooming part of your life along with your other cares. 

We believe in the unique identity that makes us different, so that is why we invest on the knowledge and experience to design our own BREEDER-CARE™ Grooming Theory. 

We spent time in R&D to drive the Core Concept designed to be present in our production line. Many proven clinical tests show maintenance, irritation, balance and other aspects and we made many adjustments until we discovered our Pyramid Screening formulation to serve our BREEDER-CARE™ fans with our proudest creations. 

Our unique theory brings us many benefits on behalf of the development from the End User's side rather than the corporate side. BREEDER-CARE™ is the exclusive brand that only aims for serving our fans real products that are simply proven under the concept of "The Ultimate Pet Grooming Weapons”.

The simply foundation improvement in every aspect makes grooming easier in every phase. "Everyone Can Groom" and that is why even a young lovely girl who was 9 years old can use her own hard work and totally prove to the world that even a little lovely girl can groom. So don't be afraid to join us. 

With BREEDER-CARE™ it doesn't matter who are you or where you purchase the products, so please feel free to join us as we are always here to support and help all our BREEDER-CARE™ Fans with all our love. 

Our mission is to serve all BREEDER-CARE™ fans with the bold passion of being the most reliable & extremely safe brand products for our furry kids. All the products have been well designed with the BREEDER-CARE™ Grooming Theory under a 360 Degrees care level. All the product lines are Bio-Degradable with well-blended, supreme natural ingredients under the Human FDA Practice Standard Level. 

Overall, the BREEDER-CARE™ grooming session aims to reduce the time spent as a Professional. Sometimes we have to groom our furry kids at maybe 5-10 kids in one day and it takes so much time. The BREEDER-CARE™ Grooming Theory is the core concept of every single BREEDER-CARE™ product by adjusting them individually before double adjusting in the overall full grooming system. 

As a result of our Unique R&D under our exclusive know-how theory, all our BREEDER-CARE™ products have many advantages for your first grooming session and more to come thereafter when you provide the high passion and discipline on your work continuously. 

Due to the majority of our BREEDER-CARE™ fans living in EU and USA, we decided to developed superb concentration and maximum safety levels in order to reduce duplication and non-necessary cost, such as the Container Cost, Packaging Cost, Labor Cost, Importing Tax, Customs Tax, etc. 

We consider our Fans' wants and needs on issues of cost and development. So, we provide instruction and learning about the best way to use our products from the video instructions, and we have provided this knowledge to all our fans at FREE Cost. 

We want all our BREEDER-CARE™ fans to have the best and updated knowledge of our grooming theory to enable the effectiveness and efficiency from our products to be worth every single cent you have paid. When you become a Fan, you have our support and knowledge with every purchase. 

Here are the most significant commitments that we proudly have for our fans; 

BREEDER-CARE™ is the "Fan's Brand," so please feel free to come to us when you become disappointed with so many others. We will never leave you alone or let you and your little furry kids face grooming and caring problems. We provide the best care to all our fans with our pure heart to help you and together we will eliminate those troublesome situations that obstruct our love for our furry kids everywhere. 

BREEDER-CARE™ will make you an expert in every grooming session whether it's done by our founder, professional groomers, newbies or the youngest fans of the BREEDER-CARE™ - Everyone Can Groom 

BREEDER-CARE™ believes that when you have an opportunity to learn how to use the products, it will provide you with the full benefits of grooming and maximum care to your little furry kids. When you have seen your little furry kids in top condition, it will create a smile in your heart. You will see them in the different positive way, and this will create a passion for discipline to take care of them more often and those furry kids will be the source of love for every single owner. 

BREEDER-CARE™ will not only help you meet your grooming and caring expectations, but we will be together with you through support and training for amazing results. 

BREEDER-CARE™ is aware that there are many choices of grooming product in this world, but we don't spend time and budget to promote abstract marketing the way others do. We prefer to spend all the budget on Research & Development of suburb products in order to invest this unique knowledge onto our fans around the world. We emphasize the priority in something that is the real touchable knowledge that can be passed to our fans from generation to generation rather than a quick name and slogan with a catchy jingle!! 

BREEDER-CARE™ claims itself as the Exclusive Brand because we do things the Exclusive Way. Our founder had invested so much in R&D and Knowledge Know- How during his journey in the previous decades. BREEDER-CARE™ for him is like a dedication to the furry kid's fancy world. So he would love to see his fans perceive and understand the knowledge value of how & why it works way it does on your little furry kids and that you would proudly select BREEDER-CARE™ just because you learn from it and know for yourself the reason why you need BREEDER-CARE™ and what you will get from the extensive work in R&D. Together we will walk through the long path of this hobby besides each other as we are sharing the same heart of pet lovers everywhere. 

BREEDER-CARE™ would like to humbly thank all our fans for your kind love and trust in the brand.All that love and trust shall remain with us and continue to be our strong passion for taking care of all our BREEDER-CARE™ fans from around the world and making it double worth our fan's love and trust. 



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