PAPHUNKKORN KUSLOPAKORN

BREEDER CARE™ Introduces Exclusive Range of Newly Designed Pet Grooming Products for Customers Worldwide

With their unique grooming theory and videos, pet owners can now learn how to groom their pets like a pro for shows and competitions!

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States - BREEDER-CARE™, one of the premier providers of highly sought after pet grooming products is pleased to introduce its innovative new line of products and training videos that can turn any pet owner into a professional groomer. For more than 20 years pet lovers and breeders have been facing the problems of tear stains, food stains, yellowing, flat fur, and general dissatisfaction with grooming results. However, today those problems have become a thing of the past with the introduction of Breeder Care’s newly designed grooming products.

According to company’s visionary leader Paphunkkorn Kuslopakorn (C.E.O. & Founder), “Whether it’s Cat Grooming, Dog Grooming, Rabbit Grooming, Guinea Pig Grooming, Sugar Glider Grooming or Hamster Grooming,  all the furry pets grooming are no more mystery for our BREEDER-CARE™ Fans anymore. Today we are proudly serving our fans one of the world’s finest formulas with exclusive R&D Pet Shampoo, Pet Conditioner, and Grooming Powder that can easily eliminate the food stains, tear stains, and yellow stains from your beloved furry kid’s furs.”

A pet is a man’s best friend. However, it takes more than love, shelter and food to keep a pet healthy and happy. A regular grooming of the pet is an essential requirement which cannot be ignored for long. It’s no secret that since the past decade, pet competitions and shows have become a growing worldwide phenomenon with several major events taking place each year. Breeder Care is one of such brand that has become quite popular among this particular segment of the industry due to its exclusive pet grooming solutions, which can take grooming to a whole new level. Their new product line is inclusive of Grooming Powder, Ultramild Shampoo, Shorthairs Shampoo, Longhairs Shampoo, Treatment Conditioner, FRS Greasaway, SSS Probuffs, and Show & Travel Kit that have been painstakingly researched and developed using the BREEDER CARE GROOMING FORMULA.

Specifically, some of the key factors that have made Breeder Care a forerunner in its industry are:

Offers real pet grooming products that work on the high end professional pet show competitionsHuman natural grade quality under human food and beverage certifiedThey have a unique grooming theory that allow fans to learn the secrets of pet grooming through training videosProven worldwide with sales spanning across 40+ countries over 6 continentsRecommended by professional breeders and exhibitors worldwide.

Proud To Say - I love BREEDER-CARE™

BREEDER-CARE™ keeps my Persians coats in show condition.
It's the best money can buy!!

Joan Daily @ Kinapak Persians

Love in Every Drop!!

Agung & Jimmy - Bhinneka Cattery

Just to let you know following your tips took my Russian boy to 2 back to back shows and
he was given 2CCs and 2BOBs - also he went Best Persian Adult @ 1 of the shows.
I will be telling people about your products and videos on YouTube.
1 of the Judges has emailed me to say although he was in full moult he looked really good.

Carole Webb

Seu produto é tão excelente e meu gato não vive mais sem o BREEDER-CARE !! Obrigada!


 Thanks Paphunkkorn!!

You always SUPPORT newbie cat Lver...

I Love Breeder Care... Good Shampoo For Cat.

Sri Dewi Syamsuri


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