Pet Facial Care Grooming

We proudly present the perfect combination that will help to totally eliminate the tear & food stains from our beloved furry kid’s fur.

After the long journey of taking care of our own beloved furry kids, we have integrated everything we have learned and experienced into developing this unique formula for grooming products. We have adjusted and fine-tuned them to be full compatibly with our mission under the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory which is to response to your need in grooming all our little furry kids with the efficiency & effective results with minimal complications.

Breeder Care™ Professional Facial Care Grooming is developed & designed under the our masterpiece theory that assists all our Breeder Care™ fans around the world in solving grooming problems that we have been facing for many decades.

Our perfect combination of Breeder Care™ Professional Eye Grooming Powder and Breeder Care™ Professional Ultramild Shampoo will simply provide you with time-saving and effective cleaning for your furry kid’s grooming and care, which has been proven world-wide.

For best results, we recommended you use them together and follow our grooming theory advised for the maximum effectiveness & efficient results in your grooming session. Ultramild Shampoo is recommended for use once weekly for deep cleaning and Eye Grooming Powder for daily use. The frequency of use has been tried and tested by Breeder Care creator, staff, professional groomers and Breeder Care fans world-wide.



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