BREEDER-CARE™'s success began in beautiful Thailand with the highest passion for caring for all the furry kids around the world under the new revolution grooming theory designed in the year 2012.

Our founder Paphunkkorn Kuslopakorn gives his utmost attention and effort to every single aspect of designing this realistic grooming theory.

We are fastidious in the research & development of all our products because we all know that those beloved furry kids cannot speak up about poor quality.

BREEDER-CARE™ creates products that respond to the highest satisfaction of Professional Grooming results and have been accepted for their effectiveness and worldwide success. This success in developing products for our fans has brought us to the worldwide global stage and set a place in our fans' hearts since the initial time.

This has become our life's work to exert all of our efforts to research and develop new products to meet the diverse needs of our fans in the pet world by offering only our best products to prove our worth and our fan love and trusts in the BREEDER-CARE™ Brand.

In the last quarter of the year 2014, our founder made a decision to expand and improve the official website to be a more versatile online system for our worldwide fans and provide more reachable knowledge and brand ethic.

Our goal is to completely serve our fans around the world with our best heart and goodwill by helping them have more satisfying and effective success in each and every grooming session. Unlike any other, we have the policy to introduce only proven solutions that are tested and created by our exclusive R&D and marketing strategy to make our brand stand out by using world-class quality ingredients, an extensive knowledge base, and sincere dedication under the BREEDER-CARE™ Grooming Theory.

In the last quarter of the year 2017, our founder decided to renovate the official website and the online store to be easier for our fans to access and have a better surfing experience with the BREEDER-CARE™. Similar to the same standard of the worldwide High-End Human Cosmetic Brands.

In BREEDER-CARE™’s growth from past to present, our founder has witnessed the brand’s continued success and has now developed strategies for building sustainable growth by creating the "BREEDER-CARE™ 2nd State Expanding Program", which includes a full online store and support system, designating BREEDER-CARE™ E-commerce & Online Support Solutions, and our online virtual office for taking care all our BREEDER-CARE™ fans from all around the world.



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