Show & Travel Essensial

During the recent decade, cat fancy and enthusiast shows have been a growing trend and nowadays it is becoming an international craze. While some are local, there are also many events held by each related club or association. These are held throughout each show season, each year, in many countries.

Traveling is becoming a part of the professional breeder and exhibitor. We have to attend and keep our accumulated points to maintain our rank until the end of the particular season.

Show & Travel Sets were developed just for you because our lifestyles are changing from the old days. Rather than showing our beloved cats and dogs in the show hall near home, some of our fans may participate the Season Achievement and have to keep flying around week by week.

If you have a chance to experience being a foreign exhibitor, you will learn that every single gram of our weight limit is very important. We all want to carry all of our cat and dog equipment as much as our own things, so we may go and buy our own things around the show hotel instead of bringing it because we have limited weight for the baggage on our upcoming flight.

Breeder Care™ Brand makes it easy for you. We have packaged all the grooming supplies in small and concentrated bottles for light and simple packing.



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