Pet Extra Care Grooming

Speaking as a professional breeder and exhibitor, the Breeder Care founder has learned that basic grooming is not enough to produce the final satisfying results on our little furry kids in competition. After extensive research and development, the most amazing finishing products have been created.

Some show cats’ fur are too oily and carry accumulated stains which will prevent the proper clean, blossomy look.

Some show cats’ fur are too dry and show no life dancing in the air with static covered on them. Equally, this too will not present the proper blossom set when we hold them in the air.

Some show cats’ fur are too brittle and get a color burn. This will not present a good, soft feel because of the damaged surface.

Extra Care Grooming is perfect for dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs or cavy too! And not just for show pets but also for any furry friend who wants to look their best!

We developed the Extra Care Grooming Products in response to our hierarchy of need for the highest expectation in each particular grooming session. We also expect all our fan’s grooming sessions to be able to reach the highest of professionalism together with us.



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