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This incredible world-class eye grooming powder will benefit your grooming session in many aspects from Head to Toes & Tail. Simply brush it on and it cleans and protects fur from additional staining. Our application and removal process is gentle and quick because we have our own unique way to apply that is compatible with the product formula... not the way you scrub them like the DJ Mix…. a soapy, wet cloth or a toothbrush scrubbed on sensitive eyes and whiskers.? C’mon, that’s our kid’s eyes, not the DJ Disc!!

Stop using your out-of-date knowledge and procedures. As breeders we learn how to care and protect them from any harm and harassment. Let us lead you towards the gentle and smarter way to groom with our uniquely designed grooming theory.

This unique powder formula was developed in response to the high expectation of the professional breeder and exhibitor from their top quality grooming results of exclusive pet campaigns. As a result, we have one of the proudest revolutionary products that had been created under the visionary designs and drives the current formula to the next level, leaving the others behind. Breeder Care Eye Grooming Powder has become well-known as "The World's Finest Formula Eye Grooming Powder” and now, most of our fans worldwide name it as “The Magic Powder". It will give you the amazing results throughout professional grooming venues around the world or at home.

Protects the fur’s surface layer from the root of the stains, and keep the fur clean under the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory.

Simply…. Rub, Comb, and Brush it through. Follow our Viducation Tutorial.

Extremely Mild but effective exclusive formula powder will help protect and obstruct the tear from becoming a stain to completely eliminated those decades trouble under our Breeder Care Facial Care Solution System when used with Breeder Care Ultramild Shampoo.

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    Olá querida Kely,

    De acordo com o Google 1/2 oz ou 0,5 oz é igual a 14,17 gramas.
    No entanto, o tamanho BREEDER-CARE Grooming Powder 1/2 oz foi atualizado adicionando 50% extra, o que significa que o produto deste tamanho contém um peso líquido mínimo de 0,5 oz + 0,25 oz = 0,75 oz ou cerca de 21 gramas, mas ainda permanece o nome do tamanho de 1/2 oz.

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