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Dissolves oils and grease on fur when used before shampoo.

FRS Greasaway is the perfect pre-wash for furry kids who have oily fur. Use before bathing to remove oils and accumulated stains to give the coat a bright and fluffy look.

Too much accumulated grease and oil may not simply rinse out with a basic shampoo if your aim is to enhance fur quality, so we have developed a heavy duty instrument to handle the dirtiness and grease as FRS "The First Rinse Solution”.

It took us years to be able to finalize the Greasaway Formula as we searched for an Exclusive Degreaser that totally responses to our needs and works along with the Breeder Care™ Shampoo and Treatment Conditioner to give us a balance of not too dry or not too strong for fur for grooming sessions.

This exclusive liquid base has been carefully blended to rinse clean and will not leave waxy residue on the fur. Simply apply, rub in and rinse. No need to leave on for 5 minutes like other products. The liquid will continue to remove the oils and stains while you keep rubbing throughout the bathing session.

It is not our goal to produce the strongest degreaser –rather, the most well-balanced. Of the overall grooming satisfaction under our Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory, our direction and goal is to make the full grooming balance more effective and efficient so that all our fans are able to expect quality and results from each grooming season.


• Dissolves oils on fur

• Lifts stains

• Balances moisture/dryness

• Rinses clean

• Speedy – Rub in & rinse out

• Eliminates static cling

• Easy to use

• Hypo-allergenic

• No preservatives

• Environmentally safe

• Money saving concentrated formula 

Benefits & Uses

FRS = First Rinse Solution is made to remove the dirty grease, oil, and stains from the fur’s surface before the shampoo step of either SH and LH shampoo. Breeder Care FRS Greasaway will dissolve oiliness in your furry kids’ fur. Oils from the skin stick on fur and becomes a magnet for dirt and stains. After time these stains build up giving the fur a dull, yellowed color.

FRS Greasaway has been extensively researched and developed to be well balanced so that the oil and staining will be removed without drying out the skin or causing dry static fur. Our formula is freshly scented, dye-free and hypo-allergenic so your furry kid won’t feel the urge to groom with saliva to remove scented sticky products.

Easy to use! Simply apply, rub in and rinse out. Then bathe with Breeder Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This is not a substitute for shampoo but a pre-wash to enhance the action of our vitamin shampoo. Please remember that all the accumulated yellow stains are Layer on Layer so using a lot of Greasaway in one grooming session will not give you good results. So, instead of using many pumps in one rinse, try applying and rinsing out for a couple of rounds for the noticeable result.

Visit our E-Learning Centre, for the How-To Viducation Tutorial References.

Due to the extensive Research & Development of our BREEDER-CARE™ brand products, all the liquid grooming products are designed and developed at the top human-grade, natural quality with no preservatives added, therefore, avoid pre-diluted overnight and finish each diluted portion during that particular session each day.

All Breeder Care Brand Products are developed under the strictest environmentally safety aspects and clinical testing results based under the home-grown compassion with bio-degradable and non-preservative concept development.

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