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This exclusive formula is leading us the variety benefit actions in cleansing and super maintenance features by stimulate the new regenerating fur and give a thick and spring action to the fur.

Exclusive Cat Grooming Shampoo especially designed for long hair types.

Breeder Care Brand Longhairs Shampoo is exclusively designed to clean, balance, and brighten fur color contrast. Rinses clean with no residue left on fur that dulls and damages fur in long run.

Moreover, this Breeder Care™ Shampoo is boosting the colour contrast itself and make did not bleach the original colour and not irritate to your beloved furry kids and the groomer’s hand.

The shampoo is developed under the biodegradable and super natural level R&D with non-preservative added. Applying follow the unique how to usage under the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory will give you a lot of benefits in many aspects.

The shampoo bubbles is under the exclusive R&D for carrying the rinse-ability on itself and lead us the new experiment in grooming techniques and save the usage and make them more efficiency on each gram you use.

Our special concentrate level make our fans save a lot of money in long run as on the overall comparison 1 bottle of our original size can be use like almost half gallon of some product. For example if you have just only one cat and you want to bath them once a week from our overall consumption development goal, the overall grooming usage can last long with you nearly throughout the year in order to help us cut down some budget in long term.

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  • is it good for Persian cats too?

    Hello Dear Viviana,

    Our C.E.O. and Founder of the Brand were a former Persians Breeder :) and all of the product shall totally more than just a good for persians :) 

    If you may have any further questions or a need in any grooming advise please feel free to reach our Support Admin at our offiical FB Page sending PM Inbox there and we shall do our best to advise and improve your grooming expereinces there. 

    Warm regards,
    Online Store Admin

  • How many dilution ratio between concentrate and water?

    Hello Dear Sandry,    Thank you for your question. Since our product had been designed and developed under our grooming theory which not really use the mixing like typical massed economy based formulas that may dilute 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000 but we do use them in an exclusive and unique direction by separate a usage into 2 parts which we call high concentration and bubble applying. On the high concentration part, we do use about 1-2 pump on hand and adding 4-5 water drops and apply on the wet/soak body. While the Bubble part uses about 1-2 pump in the bottle and adding water about 3/5 and mix them properly before shaking for a bubble form. (It is best to check the related videos and COPY & PASTE our exclusive how-to for using our products as all of them had got a double refining formulas to completely response our Grooming Theory & Design and R&D.    In case you already got them in your hand please feel free to reach our Support Team Admin in Official FB Page our one-stop service support zone can be reached by PM Inbox there. Moreover, please remember that you should properly clean your furry kids with FRS Greasaway before start this LH Shampoo and only apply BC Treatment Conditioner while avoid mixing other products to your grooming for your maximum benefits as all of them had been designed completely and it will just be a wasted of money and liquid when you use them against our official how-to there.    Any further helps should you need, please feel free to reach our support or drop us an email at Here is some Ref. Videos ok;    ✪ How To Bath A Cat - by Breeder Care™ Co., Ltd.  ✪ How To Bath A Kitten - by Breeder Care™ Co., Ltd.  ✪ Shorthairs Pet - Show Preparation - by Breeder Care™ Co., Ltd.  ✪ Longhairs Pet - Show Preparation - by Breeder Care™ Co., Ltd.    Warm regards,  Online Store Admin  BREEDER-CARE™



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