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This incredible world-class eye grooming powder will benefit your grooming session in many aspects from Head to Toes & Tail. Simply brush it on and it cleans and protects fur from additional staining. Our application and removal process is gentle and quick because we have our own unique way to apply that is compatible with the product formula... not the way you scrub them like the DJ Mix…. a soapy, wet cloth or a toothbrush scrubbed on sensitive eyes and whiskers.? C’mon, that’s our kid’s eyes, not the DJ Disc!!

Stop using your out-of-date knowledge and procedures. As breeders we learn how to care and protect them from any harm and harassment. Let us lead you towards the gentle and smarter way to groom with our uniquely designed grooming theory.

This unique powder formula was developed in response to the high expectation of the professional breeder and exhibitor from their top quality grooming results of exclusive pet campaigns. As a result, we have one of the proudest revolutionary products that had been created under the visionary designs and drives the current formula to the next level, leaving the others behind. Breeder Care Eye Grooming Powder has become well-known as "The World's Finest Formula Eye Grooming Powder” and now, most of our fans worldwide name it as “The Magic Powder". It will give you the amazing results throughout professional grooming venues around the world or at home.

Protects the fur’s surface layer from the root of the stains, and keep the fur clean under the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory.

Simply…. Rub, Comb, and Brush it through. Follow our Viducation Tutorial.

Extremely Mild but effective exclusive formula powder will help protect and obstruct the tear from becoming a stain to completely eliminated those decades trouble under our Breeder Care Facial Care Solution System when used with Breeder Care Ultramild Shampoo.

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  • Is shipping to Brazil possible ?

    Hello Dear Martina I.B.,

    Yes, we do directly ship to Brazil. However it would take a period of time till travelling from Thailand to Brazil.
    Once you complete your order and payment, our store will dispatched the shipment out with Tracking number.
    You just keep in touch with the shipment and contact your local Correios or relate government office for the further process to pickup or to recieved your shipment.


    Online Store Admin

  • I'd like know expire date.

    Hello Dear Hazel,

    Thank you for the question. Since the product doesn't contain any active ingredients, there is no expiration date. However, there will be a depreciation over time. We produce fresh and non-preservative-added products. It is great to have them sealed for over 3-5 years and best to finish them within 1-2 years after opening.

    You will need to understand more about the product's nature, especially regarding powdery substances, humidity, and vapor that may get into the container through general use, like opening and closing in high humidity places. Moisture can also come from facial brushes, so end-users should not dip the brush directly into the product container. Instead, use the provided spoon to take some product out and place it on a clear plastic lid. Then, dip the brush into the product on the lid rather than directly into the container. Alternatively, you can consider using a small jar with a proper cap and take powder out from the original jar for weekly use, refilling it as needed. This method will help maintain the product's shelf-life.

    If you dip the facial brush directly into the container, over time, some powder may clump due to moisture or humidity. Just use a small sieve to filter out the clumps and replace the silica gel packet to reduce humidity inside the container.

    Regarding the depreciation of efficiency, to make it easy to understand, normally you may need to use around 5 grams for effective grooming results. After a couple of years, you may need to use 7-8 grams for the same results, and up to 10 grams if too much time has passed since first opening.

    Since the product is non-preservative added, there may be changes in color and texture over time. Watch out for negative scents and clumps. We recommend finishing the product within 12-24 months after first opening. Consider using a new one if you notice negative changes in shape, color, scent, etc. Humidity and hygiene are key factors in maintaining shelf-life.

    If you are unsure about the current condition of your product, please feel free to take a photo or video and send it to us at or so we can help evaluate its condition for you.

    Please feel free to reach out if you need further help or support.

    Sincerely yours,
    Support Admin Team

  • What is shipping to Australia 2250 ?

    Hello Dear Vanessa R.,

    My very humble apology for your inconvenience that we are not directly ship to Australia at the moment. May be in the coming future our online store will open the the port and welcome the transaction from Australia. So at the moment for Australia please kindly check with Rod U’Ren at to placing the order on current stock in Australia or Pre-Ordering.

    Feel free to reach our support team at or facebook fan page

    Sincerely yours,
    Online Store Admin

  • Hi. Can I ship to Italy? Delivery time? Thank you

    Hello Dear Olga.,


    Yes, we usually do ship to Italy. For your concern about the duration is depending on the shipping method you select. [] Also, depending on each local transiting situation like Covid-19, Cleansing of each particular country during their transit or some local worker strikes beyond our control may cause a delay.


    Anyway, FedEx or DHL Courier Service also available upon request manually.


    If you may need more further support or help, please feel free to reach us at or send PM through our official Facebook page:


    Love is all around,

    Online Store Admin




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