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This incredible world-class eye grooming powder will benefit your grooming session in many aspects from Head to Toes & Tail. Simply brush it on and it cleans and protects fur from additional staining. Our application and removal process is gentle and quick because we have our own unique way to apply that is compatible with the product formula... not the way you scrub them like the DJ Mix…. a soapy, wet cloth or a toothbrush scrubbed on sensitive eyes and whiskers.? C’mon, that’s our kid’s eyes, not the DJ Disc!!

Stop using your out-of-date knowledge and procedures. As breeders we learn how to care and protect them from any harm and harassment. Let us lead you towards the gentle and smarter way to groom with our uniquely designed grooming theory.

This unique powder formula was developed in response to the high expectation of the professional breeder and exhibitor from their top quality grooming results of exclusive pet campaigns. As a result, we have one of the proudest revolutionary products that had been created under the visionary designs and drives the current formula to the next level, leaving the others behind. Breeder Care Eye Grooming Powder has become well-known as "The World's Finest Formula Eye Grooming Powder” and now, most of our fans worldwide name it as “The Magic Powder". It will give you the amazing results throughout professional grooming venues around the world or at home.

Protects the fur’s surface layer from the root of the stains, and keep the fur clean under the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory.

Simply…. Rub, Comb, and Brush it through. Follow our Viducation Tutorial.

Extremely Mild but effective exclusive formula powder will help protect and obstruct the tear from becoming a stain to completely eliminated those decades trouble under our Breeder Care Facial Care Solution System when used with Breeder Care Ultramild Shampoo.

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  • Do you ship your products to China?

    Hello Dear Kim,

    Thank you for reaching us out, yes we did ship to All China-Mainland there.

    Please simply add the item into the shopping cart and check out for checking the real-time online shipping quote of the current order in your shopping cart there. And you are free to adjust the amount of items to make your perfectly fit to your shipment before confirm the order and process them. 

    Any further questions please feel free to reach out support admin team at our official FB at send a message to Inbox there ok. Or simply write us the email and send to our one stop service email at  Warm Regards,
    Online Store Admin

  • Do you mind to tell us the ingredients inside?

    Hello Dear Vinx,

    Thank you for your message, and thank you for a very direct questions yes we do as all of the full list and how-to had been safely park at the Bank's Safebox and we are open a spot welcome the interest bidding for the new ownership I am afraid what you want to know we called them a Sensitive Information and if you are really interested to make a bidding or offering please feel free to send your business proposal and a copy of the Bank's Cheque under the name of BREEDER CARE CO., LTD. (Thailand). We might happy to hold a special event and welcome you to the business meeting if your offering is accepted by the board of management there.

    But if you are just an Ended User and concerning about the safety of our BRAND let simply make an easy test by getting a Smallest Size and Bring them to use on any allergic cat of yours or your friends there and give a fair test one by one each side with any products in your hand or any available at your local store and then the result be there in your own witness and I do believe that it shall speak for itself there. 

    Any further questions should you have, please feel free to reach us at and please put a note [Business Management Depart] on the subject line after your Subject Text. And if you need to move up for the further sensitive detail section, please don't forget to provide the business proposal and Professional Introduction Letter along with your email there too. 

    Warm Regards, 
    Online Store Admin 

  • Were can I purchase this in Australia.

    Hello Dear Jacqui C.,

    Thank you for reaching us out, in Australia please contact Mr.Rod U'Ren at As we have to manage the offiical patching for paperworks to Australia Customs and Quarantine on every single retailing it may not comfortable for our fans when you get the random pick up from Customs or Quarantine every single time you order.

    So please getting from official stock that legaled import at Mr.Rod U'Ren, it could be more comfortable for our fans there. Till any update policy and direction  change in the future we can back ship directly to the Australia once again. In case your need may not have a stock there you can ask for the pre-order service from Mr.Rod U'Ren so he may can help you manage the works there just check with him ok. 

    And once you have the product in your hand there already, please feel free to be in touch with our Support Admin Team at simply reach our team in PM Inbox there or text us at for a further advise of our offiical grooming theory and etc. grooming tip discussion there. 

    Any other issues else that you may have, please feel free to reach us at

    Warm regards,
    Online Store Admin

  • Bonjour J'habite en France puis je commander le produit ?

    Bonjour Cher Gerbier, Merci de nous avoir contacté aujourd'hui. Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que nous utilisons le système de commerce électronique en ligne. Ce qui est entièrement automatisé 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7 et en temps réel pour les frais d’expédition dans votre pays. Nous expédions normalement en France.  S'il vous plaît veuillez visiter et cliquez sur le menu "Acheter maintenant" Ensuite, vous pouvez ajouter le produit que vous souhaitez acheter dans votre panier. Une fois que vous avez terminé votre commande, cliquez sur check out pour vérifier les frais d’expédition.  Il suffit d’ajouter votre adresse d’expédition en temps réel pour le mode d’expédition et le coût du système.  Il vous montrera les options disponibles pour votre commande en fonction de l'échelle de la plage de poids. Vous pouvez ajouter ou supprimer le montant de l'article pour votre meilleure combinaison.  Parfois, 3 ou 4 unités peuvent être sur le même coût d'expédition si elles sont sur la même échelle de poids. Ensuite, sélectionnez simplement l'option de paiement et confirmez votre commande.  Une fois que le magasin aura reçu votre commande, il sera traité et expédié à l'adresse indiquée dans les détails de votre commande. Si vous avez d'autres questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par e-mail à l'adresse ou vous pouvez envoyer un message via notre page Facebook officielle à l'adresse Merci encore une fois. Cordialement, Admin de la boutique en ligne BREEDER-CARE

  • Can I be used on white dogs?

    Hello Dear Delmis C.,


    Yes, and definitely not just only for Cat & Dog, but also great for those lovely pets like Guinea Pigs (Peruvian, Coronet, etc.), Rabbit, Ferret & Hamster when you understand the purpose of the product developing the grooming powder will help protect the particular surface to keep them away from a new stain case to let us properly handle the old stain in our grooming theory. 


    If you may need more further support or help, please feel free to reach us at or send PM through our official Facebook page:


    Love is all around,

    Online Store Admin


  • Are the prices in US dollars or another currency? Do you ship to New Zealand. Have used the power for many yesrs on our whites. Two of my show owners were introduced to it too and love the results. At the last show her white boy went BIS, BIS, Reserve BIS and BIS. Just demonstrated the power of the product with gorgeous faces to match their type.

    Hello Dear Jan, 
    Thank you for reaching out, all the product listing in $USD. However, for New Zealand, we are not direct ship to NZ at the moment.
    For reaching out the potential product stocks, please kindly reach Mr.Rod U'Ren our Australasia Region Director for more information at

    Sincerely yours,
    Support Admin

  • Hello I live in Japan. When purchasing "PET GROOMING POWDER 4 OZ Regular price $ 39.99", please tell me some shipping fee.

    Hello Dear Satomi H.,

    Thank you for your inquiry dear Satomi H. For Japan, please kindly contact our Brand Area Director For Japan Region - Mr.Edward M.Maeda there or contact 
    For more information. We are not direct ship to Japan at the moment or in some case you may need the full range grooming product you may also check with Pre-Order Info from Mr.Edward there as well.  

    Warm Regards,
    Online Store Admin



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