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Treatment Conditioner softens and brightens fur after shampoo. Breeder Care Brand Treatment Conditioner is used after bathing for a smooth, yet clean non-flat look. Nourishes and moisturizes for soft fur.

Breeder Care™ Brand Treatment Conditioner changes the way groomers view conditioner usage. For years they were told to avoid conditioner before a professional show to avoid the flat look from applying conditioner after bath. Breeder Care™ Brand has created a hypo-allergenic conditioner that you can use anytime to add fluff.


With special extensive research and development, we proudly present one of the greatest nourishment treatment conditioner that will balance fur and simply rinse out with no residue or heavy waxy coating on the fur.


The highly concentrated cream base makes this formula unique and exclusive because we have cut out the overused unnecessary ingredients that are used by the general mass product manufacturers such as fillers. Due to the differential of the concept development as the Exclusive brand for our fans, we are not aiming to maximise profits, rather, our goal is to maximise the safeness and selecte the top quality, natural ingredients for our little furry kids so our world's greatest conditioner formula is without the mass economy base product fillers added like the others, and that what make us different.


Our research and development designed this conditioner using human natural facial cream levels of safeness, quality and exclusive molecule size that will penetrates the surface of the hairs with a gentle rub a couple of times to work right away.


This superb quality conditioner will also return more moisture to the skin and fur where applied. Moreover, it will help in the recovery of skin and fur issues left from other skin treatment and return the softness to skin and fur of our little furry kids once again.

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  • Does your conditioner calm the static electricity look and for how long? Thanks

    Thank you so much dear Bob P. for your question,

    Since we are the exclusive brand and we do carry our commitments to our fans that we will lead and hold everyone hand to beyond others in your game there. First of all, I have to say we are the only one brand that may carry any Fake Marketing Phrase with a Non-Proven thing as we are preferring to teach our fans to have a better knowledge and experience than the other product brand's end-users.

    To answer your question, I have to separate them into 3 sub-questions which are;

    1. How our treatment conditioner will help on the static coat condition?
    2. What shall be the reasons that may cause the coat to become static?
    3. How is your other daily care and influences action that may cause more static back on the coat after the grooming?
    4. Our Hints and little advice

    Number 1,
    Most of the time.... you shall simply feel the positive right the way since the first time you use..... But you need to respect one TRUE rule.... the current condition of the coat, how bad they are and how many repeating grooming should you need before making them fully back in the better quality without static which shall also relate to the answer number 2 and number 3 as well.

    Number 2,
    You have to know that there are so many numbers of reasons cause the static situation on your little furry kids coat starting from The harsh and strongness of some degreaser or some cleanser that damage the keratin on the surface of the coat, the humidity of each climate, the hot temperature from the air dryer have you protect the coat with some protection spray or etc., and much more.... I think you should take time figure out the starting point condition, finding the causes and effects, eliminate the negative, and improve your optional choice....  It is to be a Selling Pitch + Over Exaggerating if they can simply tell you how long it will become non-static condition... as you may also need the Anti-Static Protection Sprays and Improve your grooming range products and follow our Full Grooming Theory that proves how we can help you not to create the negative future result.

    Number 3,
    As mentioned in Number 2, we have to see what you are handling action in each grooming step... If you are still using a strong degreaser or the product that not belong to our formula... that we make the safe-zone level for our pre-requisite condition step in every grooming step, how often you bath the cat, which temperature you keep drying your cat, what is the local climate and etc. Are you alway using the conditioner everytime for grooming... in our grooming theory in our full grooming range product... you shall need them almost everytime it is not going to make your kid's coat flat rater than it will be more fluffy and the real fluffy when you follow our serioly advise steps in each grooming session which you can keep in touch with our support admin team on our official facebook fanpage and if you do have our full range grooming product already just simple drop your before and after picture in the Inbox and our support admin team wil provide you the exclusive inputs and plan for daily and weekly plans for you to work on and keep in touch for the improvment there.

    Number 4,
    Once you can recover the coat,... you will realize that the dryness of the coat along with the super dryness at the tips that always matted and caused the static electricity mostly starter from the damaged coat from the strong harshing product groomed. If the coat having a better condition and we try to handle some action with manner and sense well... this shall never cause you any headache again... the only issue is... you can't just fix by using new conditioner.... but keep everything like what you did... it may help you at somepoint but it will never work better than working with our own Grooming Rage Products as after individual adjustment we do have the double refining adjustment of the overal swing curve once again and that cause our product shall never use with other products as it is going to waste your money... as it may not give you the Maximum Benefits which you should get.

    If you would like to further discuss, please feel free to reach us at or catch up with our support admin team on the official facebook fan page which acting as our one stop service fan's support point there.

    Warm Regards,

    Support Admin



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