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Exclusive Cat Grooming Shampoo especially designed for short hair types.

Breeder Care Brand Shorthair Shampoo is exclusively designed to clean, balance, and brighten fur color contrast. Rinses clean with no residue left on fur that dulls and damages fur in long run.

This exclusive formula offers you a variety of benefits in cleansing and super maintenance features by stimulating new regenerating fur and giving a thick, spring action to the fur. Moreover, this Breeder Care™ Shampoo boosts the color contrast without bleaching out the original color. Most importantly, it will not irritate your beloved furry kids or the groomer’s hands.

This shampoo is developed under a natural and biodegradable safe level in our Research & Development with no preservatives added. For best results, follow our unique instructions using the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory so that it will give you many aspects of benefits.

The shampoo’s bubbles are designed by our exclusive R&D to lift dirt and oils up and into the bubbles and is then rinsed away. This action was created by new experiments in grooming techniques. This process also saves on the amount of shampoo you have to use so you use less on each bath than our competitors’ brands.

Our special concentrated level helps our fans save a lot of money in long run as on the overall comparison of 1 bottle of our original size can be used the same as almost half gallon of other products. For example, if you have just only one cat and you want to bath him/her once a week, our bottle of shampoo can last nearly a year! This will help cut your grooming budget long term.

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