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The Ultimate Professional & Superb Heat Shield Spray

Breeder Care SSS Probuffs Heat Shield Spray is used after blow drying to reduce static and protect fragile hair from over-drying and becoming brittle. Leaves a clean, fluffy finish. This versatile spray is perfect for that last minute preparation of professional Cat Shows.

Breeder Care™ SSS Probuffs is an addition to world class level development of Grooming Products. Protects fur from 3 main threats; Hot Air Temperature, Matted Fur, and Static. There is much confusion and theories on what product to use after towel drying and now SSS Probuffs is your answer.

Our goal to reduce the overall duration of each grooming session for each pet. Breeder Care™ SSS Probuffs reduces your redundant hand movement in spray usage. Rather than spray and blow again and again, we decided to invest in Research & Development for a unique formula that can be apply just once and still have all the benefits of protection and exclusive versatilely.

We have done extensive research and worked hard to develop this product for all our BREEDER-CARE™ Fans Worldwide. We will help our fans buy back time lost on all those previous unnecessary grooming steps!!!


• Protect the fur from Hot Dryers
• Detangling and prevents matting in daily combing
• Anti-Static
• Rolls the fur for campaign pets
• Un-scented and non-sticky so that pets won’t lick fur
• Can be used on Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and more
• Finishing set at the bench before entering the campaign pet to the ring
• Use on hands to reduce grease and static before touching the campaign pet during show time
• Spray on brush to lift loose hairs out of fur
• Use in wraps for long haired show cats and dogs
• No preservatives
• Environmentally safe
• Money saving concentrated formula

Benefits & Uses

Breeder Care SSS Probuffs is the solution to your after-drying frizz problem. Our extensive research led us to develop this finishing spray that is designed to be used just once after drying and then brush through. Prevents static fur and protects each hair from the heat of blow drying. Also useful on longhair cats or dogs to prevent matting.

All of our furry friends will benefit from SSS Probuffs. Use to prevent matting on dogs or to keep rabbits and other small pets soft and static-free. You can even spray your own hands before handling your cat during showings to prevent oils from your hand flattening your furry kid’s blossom look.

No preservatives are added to SSS Probuffs which means it is not only safe for furry kids but also won’t leave behind a scent or heavy feeling on the fur that your cat will want to groom off.

SSS Probuffs is great for the longhair show cat or dog to use in wrapping a group of fur after grooming. Simply spray the fur and use paper and rubber ring to wrap the fur in order to protect the fur from getting dirty.

For shorthaired cats, dogs and other furry pets, simply spray on the brush and wipe over the fur to collect loose hairs from fur in daily grooming to prevent shedding.

It is much better to learn how to keep your furry kid’s fur on the right track of keeping their original fur color. Once the color turns, for example from brown to red from the color burn, it is useless to keep finding the solution to fix the burn and brittle issue. We urge all our fans to learn how to protect our furry kid’s fur before they are in bad condition. Investing in the protection of the fur is much easier and more valuable than trying to fix the long term effects of color fade.

To use: Hold SSS Probuffs about 1-2 feet away and cover the cat face and ears with your other hand properly before spraying 8-10 times on each side starting from chest, left body, right body, underneath, back, and tail. Then wipe fur by following the fur direction, using your fingers like a comb through the fur during the wiping in order to stimulate it to penetrate faster onto the fur surface and spread equally.

All Breeder Care Brand Products are developed under the strictest environmentally safety aspects and clinical testing results based under the home-grown compassion with bio-degradable and non-preservative concept development.

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  • Win is the probuffs petcare spray again avelubul ???please din i can ol order in 1 time

    Thank you so much dear Marga H., 

    The SSS Probuffs Spray is expecting to be available once again around the 3rd - 4th Quarter of the year 2018
    We will send a notify you once again when the product is back on stock and ready to serve our fans once again then.

    Warm Regards,
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