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Pro-Set Combination of Breeder Care™ Grooming Powder 4oz & Ultramild Shampoo 8oz

 Breeder Care Brand proudly presents the perfect combination that will help to eliminate tear & food stains from our beloved furry kid’s face. As part of the Rub & Puff Grooming Theory, it is recommended to use both of Breeder Care™ Grooming Powder AND Breeder Care™ Ultramild Shampoo to claim full results.

After a long journey of taking care our own beloved furry kids, we have integrated all we have learned and experienced into a unique formula for products. We have developed and adjusted them to be full compatibly under the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory. Our goal is to help our Breeder Care™ fans around the world unlock the solution to all the grooming problems that we have been facing.

With the combination of these two perfect formulas, you will banish stains forever. The Powder will break-up and prevent any new stains, while the Ultramild Shampoo will handle the old stains. You need no other facial care products or tear stains solutions. Breeder Care Brands are the one and only company that has released this powerful combination. Now all our fans can experience the independence and professionalism in grooming by eliminating the tear stain trouble that had been around for more than 20 years. Make sure that you have watch the Product Talk and understand the knowledge in the tutorial properly, then just keep your discipline high and you will see the differences.

Breeder Care™ grooming products allow us to make the perfect protection for delicate fur under our masterpiece grooming theory that totally responds to all our needs in grooming all our little furry kids worldwide, leading to efficient & effective results with minimal effort.

Product description:

Our perfect combination is the completed work of Breeder Care™ Professional Eye Grooming Powder and Breeder Care™ Professional Ultramild Shampoo that will provide you with the very easy and precious work for taking care of our little furry kids.


• Facial wash
• Hypo-allergenic
• Loosens the tear crust and transform into soft solid for easy removal
• No Bleach - the original nature fur’s color remains
• Protects fur from future tear saturation, and tear stains
• Lightens the stains
• Dye-free
• Scent-free
• Environmentally safe 

Benefits & Uses

Perfect for cleaning little furry faces from food and tear stains. This combinations lifts dirt and oil to remove stains and protects the fur from future saturation. Safe and gentle for eyes and skin. No smells or residue to cause pets to lick and groom themselves with saliva, causing more stains.

More information can be learned from the Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory Book & DVD. It is recommended that you use both products together and follow our grooming theory advised for the maximum effective & efficient results in your grooming session. For more information on each product, see the product description for individual sale.

For instructions on how to properly use this product, please watch the How-To video on under Breeder Care Reference Video Clips.

If you are diluting any of the Breeder Care Grooming Liquid, use that day or try to finish it with that session. Because Breeder Care Grooming products contain no preservatives, this would be very harmful and a risk for the expiration of those diluted liquids when leaving them overnight.

All Breeder Care Brand Products are developed under the strictest environmentally safety aspects and clinical testing results based under the home-grown compassion with bio-degradable and non-preservative concept development.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the Ultra mild formula tear free? Meaning can it be used around the eyes?

    Thank you Matt H. for your inquiry,

    Yes, it is absolutely a tear-free formula, and it is one among the mildest product in the world recognition. You can apply them to the eyelid area and let them handle old tear stains with confidence. And make sure that you have a chance to check the viducation of Rub & Puff Videos and see how to video in full grooming you can see clearly how exactly should your hand moving around during the washing section.   

    ✪ Product Talk by Breeder Care™ Co., Ltd.
    ☞ Product Talk (Grooming Powder) -
    ☞ Product Talk (Ultramild Shampoo) -    
    ☞ Product Talk (Facial Care Rub & Puff Grooming Idea) -       

    A sincere note,... we are handling the tears stains around the eyes so please just use them for washing the facial area and it is alway the best not to put them INTO the eyes as we are not talking about the Optical Cleansing Product ok. Handle with manner and apply with confidence and carefuly wipe with clean water avoid their nose, mouth, and ears too.  

    Any further questions should you need, please feel free to reach us at or catch up our support admin at feel free to drop us a PM in Inbox we shall be there to taking care of all our fans there.   

    Warm regards, 
    Support Admin 

    P.S. Since it is a super mild level as it does not contain any Coloring, Scent, Bubble, SLS, Preservative.... please handle this as the natural human product keep in dry and cool avoid sunlight and refrigerator environmental or the quick change climate that may create a vapor inside the bottle when the hot and cold weather meet each other so quick or back and forth.

    P.S.S. We do use them for the Kitten/Puppy/Early Age Orphant Bathing to avoid some fungus in Hot-Wet Climate Based Home, Hypo-Allergenic Bathing, and Facial Wash as in Our Rub & Puff Grooming Idea, our Grooming Powder shall handle the New Stains Perfectly when you follow our advice. So we do not need those strong or harshness product to clean the sensitive area anymore.



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