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Especially designed to be extra gentle on little faces, baby kittens/puppies, or allergic furry kids.

Mild but effective formula shampoo will help reduce tear stains and food stains under our Breeder Care Facial Care Solution System when used with Breeder Care Grooming Powder.

All groomers, from newbies to professionals, need an Ultramild Shampoo in their tools for caring and cleaning furry kids. A gentle product is essential to cleaning delicate features like the facial area, babies or for bathing the allergy-sensitive.

Our slogan isn’t “No More Tears”, we would call it “No More Feel” because it is so light that you won’t need much rinsing. It is so gentle that it removes irritations from head to tail. You can apply on any sensitive area, even eyes. Watch our product video as our creator rubs Ultramild Shampoo in his own eyes and if you might have a chance to meet him in real life on his grooming seminar you would be simply shocked when you see him taste it. We strive to be the “The World’s Safest Hypo-Allergenic Cleansing Formula" for your grooming needs.

The product contains “No Color, No Scent, No Bubbles, No SLS, and No Preservatives, which gives us confidence to apply on our most sensitive furry kids. Rest assured that we are talking about the same CARE and SAFE Level Standards so this Ultramild Shampoo is simply for you!!

Use as:
• Facial Wash
• Kitten/Puppy Bath
• Hypo-Allergenic Bath
• Sugarglider Bath
• Rabbit Bath
• Guinea Pig / Cavy Bath

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  • I LOVE your products! Do you know when the Ultramild shampoo will be available again? Thank you. Lauren

    Thank you so much dear Lauren for your kind love and trust in the BREEDER-CARE™ Brand Product, and please make sure that you hear something from us here too... We do also love our fans as well!!! And we shall be the last long trustworthy partner of all our beloved fans and their beloved furry kids around the world.   

    I am delight to inform you that the UM is now back in stock and ready to serve all our fans again already. Please feel free to get them at anytime you may need from now on.   

    And please make sure that, you have a chance to check out some of our related video below;  

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    Any further questions should you need please feel free to reach us at or contact our support admin on our offciial facebook fanpage there you can drop a message in the Page Inbox for the PM with our Support Admin there at anytime.... Please remember that... you are not only owned the product in hand... but our care and goodwill to help in improving your grooming expereinces there too...  

    Warm Regards,
    Support Admin



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